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This is my high tech Boba Fett helmet.  The range finder is posable up and forward.  It has two LED lights that blink aautomaticaly when lowered to the forward position.  The visor is very dark and hides your face, even in the sunlight and camera flashes.  I repainted this helmet a little over a year ago to look like the Empire stikes back movie helmet.  It has layerd battle damage that looks real.  It's NOT painted on damage, its realistic damage.  It is very accurate..

The inside of the helmet is just as cool as the outside. Iside ia an aray of high tech equiptment and electronic devices including a voice amplifer with dual built in speaker.  The volume is fully adjustable.  The helmet also features dual fans powerd by 4 aa bateries.  the fans are located to blow on the face near the fron of the visor to keep ya cool and keep the visor from foging up after wearing it for hours and hours of bounty hunting accrass the galaxy!



"As you wish."